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About SDD-UK


SDD started trading in 1990.
We specialise in the production of training aids for use by security personnel involved in counter terrorism.
At the outset we were asked if we could use similar techniques used by terrorists in our manufacturing process to provide a kit of entirely inert training aids. Since that time we have made a range of training kits, and individual items which have been sold both domestically and internationally since that date.

Our Products

We split our products into a number of relevant categories as shown below.

Our catalogue includes full details of each of the products with description and price.

For further details please enter your details in the ‘Contact us’ page and we will email the information to you.


An individual wearing explosives and detonating them in order to kill others including themselves, a technique …


 A variety of Inert Blasting Caps that are available in electric and non-electric types.


Explosive Training Aids for Explosives and Pyrotechnics including commercial explosives, military explosives


Threat Essentials Training Kit. Drugs Identification Training Kit. Explosives Identification Training Kit. Mixed Explosives Training Kit. X-Ray Training & Testing Kit.

Terrorist Gallery

This category provides a range of individual training IED’s which represent a broad copy of actual devices used in a variety of situations, from airlines, to land based devices used in the Middle East.

All items supplied a x-ray correct.

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