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Training Kits

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Training Kits

Training kits provide a group of training aids, packed into an aluminium briefcase, and complete with instructions and representative data sheets.

the training kits are split into a number of categories, from x-ray screening to individual training IED’s.

Items supplied in a kit are available individually, but are provided at a discounted price and packed into a case.

Individual IED’s

Devices are categorised to include incendiaries, dual operation devices with booby trap functions, classic bomb models, timer power units and modular built devices.

Terrorist Gallery

This category provides a range of individual training IED’s which represent a broad copy of actual devices used in a variety of situations, from airlines, to land based devices used in the Middle East.

All items supplied a x-ray correct.

Inert Detonators

Our inert detonators (blasting caps) cover a wide range of commercial, military and improvised types. All are entirely inert and offer the correct  x-ray signature.

Simulated Explosives

From factory made, to improvised types; we supply a wide range of simulated explosives which are both physically correct and x-ray accurate. 

Density is verified by an independent laboratory; certificates available upon request. Our simulants are in the correct Zeff region (atomic number) in most cases. More details upon request.

Types include plastic, cast, powdered and liquid explosives.

Samples can be supplied as individually wrapped types, through to bulk supplied types in clear zip locked bags.

Price list upon application.

About us

SDD started trading in 1990.
We specialise in the production of training aids for use in counter terrorism.
By using the same techniques and manufacturing process we were asked if we could provide a kit suitable for teaching drugs awareness.
We first started producing kits in 1990 and have sold both domestically and  internationally since that date.

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We deliver around the world 

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